(Occasional) Vegetarian


With its abundant, almost year around fruit and vegetables it is not difficult to see why Provence has so many unique vegetarian dishes.

On this course…

… we’ll turn the freshest seasonal produce into some more, some lesser known Provençal dishes that burst with bold flavours and colours.  Flexible ‘anytime dishes’ that can be  served for lunch or dinner, or indeed as part of a buffet.

The Dishes…

To use up the same old same old ratatouille vegetables, the Provencals have invented lots of ingenious and pretty ways to serve them. TIANS that can be made well ahead are so pretty and colourful. The people from Nice invented PETITS FARCIS NICOIS  which are small vegetables filled with varying ingredients, then baked in the oven. There are plenty of other attractive dishes from STUFFED TOMATOES or AUBERGINES, to interesting ways with ONIONS and ARTICHOKES…

We will include some versatile CHEESE dishes and can even teach you how to make your own cheese – it has turned out to be one of our most popular requests. Unless you say no to cheese of course.

Provençal DESSERTS often involve FRUIT and olive-oil based cakes and breads. There are no cows in the South of France so dairy products are based on goats- or sheepsmilk. Hence cream or butter have traditionally no place in Provençal food..  FLOWERS are used often.  Either in salads and deserts, or in in the form of super-light deep-fried Acacia or Elderflower blossoms… And fruit tarts are often finished with HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS and PINE KERNELS.

This course costs  120€  per person.
We need a minimum of 4 people to run a course – maximum 8 participants.
Non-cooking partners may join us for lunch afterwards for 40€.