LE PISTOU Cooking School – UZES

What better place to BE INSPIRED TO COOK than in the South of France, where food is closely linked to land and sea, where markets follow the rhythm of the seasons and where the sun-drenched produce simply bursts with flavour and colour!

Right in the heart of the picturesque and ANCIENT MARKET TOWN of Uzès, on the edge of Provence, LE PISTOU COOKING SCHOOL offers a range of achievable authentic Provençal cooking classes.

Some of our dishes hail from the CAMARGUE, land of COWBOYS, HORSES and BULLS, some from our FISHING PORTS and others from the MOUNTAINOUS HINTERLAND.  Now how could you possibly resist that?

Course Information

Classes are given ON DEMAND and BY RESERVATION.  We need a minimum of 4 participants to run a course and numbers are limited to 8 people.

Starting at 9.30am, the hands-on cooking sessions take a minimum of 3 hours – after which we sit down to a relaxed lunch with a glass (or 3) of wine.

The courses cost €130 PER PERSON.  For this you will get a welcome glass of bubbly, learn to create at least 8 super-versatile dishes, lunch afterwards and you will take home a food-related present.  Depending on available space, it may also be possible to invite a non-participating partner for lunch afterwards – this costs 40€ per person including wine.  No need to bring anything but yourself – everything else is included.

Our recipes reflect mellow Provençal moods – ideal for relaxed entertaining as many can be prepared beforehand.  But our dishes are also chosen to teach you valuable KNIFE-SKILLS, PREPPING-TECHNIQUES and various COOKING-METHODS, and you will  learn how to ADAPT the recipes to different ingredients, portion sizes and changing seasons.  You will of course take home copies of all the recipes, checklists and tasting notes you will need to practice your newly acquired skills.  Then, once you have made the dishes once (or twice) following my recipe, I hope you will MAKE THESE DISHES YOUR OWN by adjusting them to your own personal taste.  After all, that is what CREATIVE COOKING is all about..

How it all came to be...

Flambeeing gambas in Provence

.  Running TENTED SAFARI CAMPS in the wilds of Tanzania in my early twenties taught me to entertain and inspire, and to ensure people were enjoying themselves..
.  A CHEF’S TRAINING COURSE in the 80’s founded my knowledge of cooking..
.  30 years of CHEFFING and FOOD-WRITING confirms my interest and experience in food.. it taught me how to write recipes, be creative with food and how to make beautiful images. But more importantly, it taught me how to SHARE MY PASSION and my KNOWLEDGE..
.  Membership of both the Irish and English FOOD WRITERS’ GUILDS acknowledged my efforts and COMMITMENT to honest and authentic food..
.  A BA in Fine Art validated my life-long interest in art and guided me in my more creative decisions – which in turn led me to buying and restoring a large rambling old house near Narbonne in 2004 – which I subsequently ran as a B&B..
.  For 10 years I ran COOKING and ART COURSES from this house, but as the B&B got busier there was less time for my most ardent passions: COOKING and ART.  So I sold up in 2013 and moved east towards Provence.
.  I have since settled in the beautiful Roman/Medieval MARKET TOWN of UZES where I run cooking school Le Pistou in a little 16th century house, and continue to paint..