Cooking in Provence – French Cookery School in Uzès

mainphotoFUN and ACHIEVABLE cookery courses aimed at today’s busy lifestyles and using widely available ingredients..  and yet completely representative of the AUTHENTIC, VIBRANT and COLOURFUL cuisine of PROVENCE!

Cooking sessions are hands-on and take about 3 hours – followed by a leisurely LUNCH,  including wine (this is the South of France after all!)..

cleaningsquidLE PISTOU is a French Cookery School in Uzes which offers A TASTE OF PROVENCE in the heart of historic Uzes – a town famous for its twice-weekly food markets, its artisan food producers and its people proud of their foodie heritage – a region where ancient traditions are linked to land and sea and where ingredients BURST with FLAVOUR, COLOUR and SUNSHINE!

LE PISTOU offers a choice of different courses – most costing  €100 per person inclusive of a leisurely lunch and wine (though some courses are a little more as truffles naturally cost more than leeks).

Students wind up with a repertoire of FAIL-PROOF RECIPES that can be used for the rest of their lives – not just fancy dishes to recreate for a once-a-year dinner-party but great-looking and fabulous tasting food for ‘anytime’ – family suppers around the kitchen table, dishes worthy of CELEBRATIONS, and sometimes a few for ‘showing-off’..

Our menus at LE PISTOU – French Cooking Classes in Uzes, always follow the SEASONS and our recipes have been carefully chosen not only to produce fantastic, vibrant food, but also to teach you valuable (knife) SKILLS, (prepping) TECHNIQUES and different (cooking) METHODS.  You’ll learn to think like a cook and you’ll learn to adapt recipes for practical dishes at home.

It may be possible to include a MARKET TOUR with some courses – please check with us.  It is also possible to incorporate a TUTORED WINE TASTING (we work in collaboration with Uzes Wine School) – providing a unique opportunity to learn about both FOOD and WINE and how one relates to the other.

Occasionally we offer a 2/3-day course on “INTUITIVE COOKING” – an incredibly valuable course where we learn to cook by combining naturally complementary flavours, and thus, ultimately, to cook without recipes.   (To find out more about this click on Cooking with Flavours).  We may even occasionally dabble in a little in MOLECULAR CUISINE for some foodie fun (and showing-off)!

LE PISTOU – French Cooking Classes in Uzes Provence are are flexible, easy-going and fun. Fees include hands-on cooking sessions, lunch with wine, and you’ll take home all the information, checklists, recipes and tasting notes you might need to practice your new skills.

We also cater for private courses – ideal for small groups, culinary holidays and gourmet culinary vacations. And gift vouchers are also available.



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