Cooking in Provence Uzès


LE PISTOU is a small French Cookery School in Uzes which offers a TASTE of PROVENCE in the heart of this beautiful historic town in the South of France.

Cooking in Provence Uzes is an obvious choice: there’s a serious foodie edge in UZES with its twice-weekly food markets, its passionate artisan food producers and its people proud of their food-respecting heritage.   This is a region where ancient traditions are forever linked to land and sea, and where ingredients burst with flavour, colour and sunshine.. What could possibly be more enjoyable than to let the smells and colours guide you in your decisions to buy, cook and eat?

Fish courseWhy not learn to cook this vibrant Mediterranean food while you are here? Dishes that use widely available ingredients, don’t take hours to make, and yet are authentically Provençal?

Our courses are fun and achievable, always bearing in mind today’s busy lifestyles. We use local, seasonal produce and no obscure ingredients so that you can easily reproduce our dishes at home – wherever you are.   And because all our recipes reflect that wonderful, nostalgic feel of easy Provençal living, there is no need for self-inflicted pressure when you’re entertaining.  You’ll wind up with a great repertoire of dishes that you’ll feel like turning to again and again – if only to remind you of your southern French experiences.

LE PISTOU offers a choice of different courses – most of them costing  €110 per person including lunch + wine, though some classes cost a little more than others (truffles cost after all more than leeks!).

australian studentsCooking sessions are hands-on and take between 3-4 hours.  They are followed by lunch (including wine) and depending on available space, it may be possible to invite a non-participating partner for lunch afterwards – this costs 40€ per person.

You’ll go home with a great list of versatile, fail-proof recipes – fabulous looking and great-tasting food for ‘anytime’ – from laid-back apéros and relaxed get-togethers to dishes worthy of celebrations.

Our menus at LE PISTOU always follow the seasons and our recipes are chosen to teach valuable knife-SKILLS, prepping-TECHNIQUES and/or different cooking-METHODS.  You’ll also learn to adapt dishes to different seasons and ingredients.

horse-drawn carriageOur lunch is shared around our relaxed communal table in the school.  But it may also be possible to arrange for an outdoor picnic afterwards in the beautiful surroundings of a running stream.  You will be collected by horse-drawn carriage and taken in style to the picnic spot in the nearby Vallée de l’Eure, have lunch at a comfortable picnic table, then brought back with the same horse-carriage two hours later..

It is also possible to incorporate a TUTORED WINE TASTING (we work in collaboration with Uzes Wine School) – providing a unique opportunity to learn about both FOOD and WINE and how one relates to the other.

Occasionally we offer a 2/3-day course on “INTUITIVE COOKING” – an incredibly innovative and valuable course where we learn to cook by combining naturally complementary flavours, and thus ultimately, cook spontaneously and instinctively without recipes.   (To find out more about this click on Cooking with Flavours).  We may even occasionally dabble in a little in MOLECULAR CUISINE for some foodie fun (and of course showing-off a bit)!

LE PISTOU – French Cooking Classes in Uzes Provence are are flexible, easy-going and fun. Fees include hands-on cooking sessions, lunch with wine, and you’ll take home all the information, checklists, recipes and tasting notes you might need to practice your new skills.

We also cater for private courses – ideal for small groups, culinary holidays and gourmet culinary vacations. And gift vouchers are also available.



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