Cooking at Le Pistou in Uzes



This is a region where ANCIENT TRADITIONS are forever linked to land and sea, and where ingredients simply burst with flavour, colour and sunshine..  Add this to our twice-weekly FOOD MARKETS and our passionate ARTISAN PRODUCERS, and you’ll realise that nothing could be more fabulous than cooking at LE PISTOU in the heart of beautiful historic Uzes!

Learn how to let the sun-drenched colours and fragrances of Provence guide you in BUYING, COOKING and EATING the vibrant food of the South of France.  Master between 7 and 10 authentic Provençal dishes in each cooking class at LE PISTOU and enjoy making new friendships with similarly minded people.

Fish courseLE PISTOU offers a range of courses – most costing  €120 per person including lunch + wine.  Some classes cost a little more (after all truffles and fish cost more than leeks).  Simply click on the Courses tab above and choose your class.

Our courses are fun, achievable and flexible, and we use local, easily-sourced ingredients so that you can reproduce the dishes effortlessly and competently at home – wherever you are.  You will of course take home all the information, checklists, recipes and tasting notes you might need to practice your new skills.

Cooking sessions are hands-on and last between 3-4 hours.  They are followed by lunch and, depending on available space, it may be possible to invite a non-participating partner for lunch afterwards – this costs 40€ per person.

australian studentsOur recipes reflect mellow Provençal moods – ideal for relaxed entertaining as well as daily suppers.  You’ll wind up with a great REPERTOIRE of dishes that you will feel like making again and again – if only to remind you of your southern French experiences!

While our menus at LE PISTOU follow the seasons, our recipes are also chosen to teach you valuable knife-SKILLS, prepping-TECHNIQUES and different cooking-METHODS.  And you will  learn how to ADAPT the recipes to different seasons and ingredients.

It is possible to incorporate a TUTORED WINE TASTING (we work in collaboration with Uzes Wine School) – providing a unique opportunity to learn about both FOOD and WINE and how one relates to the other.

Occasionally we offer a 2/3-day course on “INTUITIVE COOKING” – an incredibly innovative and valuable course where we learn to cook by combining naturally complementary flavours, and thus ultimately, cook spontaneously and instinctively without recipes.   (To find out more about this click on Cooking with Flavours).  We may even occasionally dabble in a little in MOLECULAR CUISINE for some foodie fun (and of course showing-off a bit)!

We also cater for private courses – ideal for small groups, culinary holidays and gourmet culinary vacations. Gift vouchers are  available.



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Who am I?

Petra flambéeHOW IT ALL CAME TO BE…

In her late teens Petra studied French Literature in Paris, then moved to East Africa to run tented safari camps in the wilds of Tanzania.

Back in Ireland, she trained and worked as private chef and as free-lance food-writer, stylist and food photographer for many publications. She was food-editor of Irish Tatler for ten years and launched SQ Food Magazine which she wrote, photographed and edited for four years.

After finishing a BA in Fine Art in Dublin (while continuing to photograph and write about food) she aspired to become an artist – painting and photography remain favourite pastimes.

In 2005 she moved to the South of France to restore a rambling old village house near Narbonne which she ran as B&B with a foodie and artistic edge.  For 10 years she ran cookery and art courses here, but as the B&B became busier, she found there was was not enough time left for her passions: cooking and art.  So she sold up and move east, towards Provence.

She has since settled in beautiful Roman/Medieval Uzes where she runs a cookery school from her little 16th century house.

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