Potato and Onion Tortilla

TORTILLA is one of those versatile dishes that can be served anytime – summer or winter, breakfast or lunch.  Of course you can buy them ready-made in the shops but they are no comparison with this home-made dish.  This recipe will feed 4-6 as part of a larger buffet, but I guarantee you that once you have tasted one slice, you will want to eat it all – if the others let you!

To do it correctly the dish takes a little bit of time, and there are no shortcuts. The onions and potatoes must be softened slowly in olive oil for 20 minutes… and yes, while it may seem ludicrous, you do have to use that much olive oil. However, most of it will be strained off and tastes so deliciously of sweet onions and potatoes, that I keep it in a jam jar to use it for frying other vegetable dishes afterwards… You will need:

              400ml olive oil
              4-5 large, scrubbed potatoes, thinly sliced
              2-3 large onions, thinly sliced
              6-7 large eggs
              salt and pepper

In a large frying pan heat the oil over medium low heat and carefully add the potato and onion slices, layering them as you go,  Fry gently, lifting and turning regularly, until the potatoes are cooked but NOT BROWNED (about 20 minutes).  In a separate large bowl, whisk the eggs with a fork and season.  When the potatoes are ready, transfer them with a slotted spoon to the egg mixture and gently mix. Pour the remaining olive oil in a jug and set aside.

Wipe the pan clean, return 2-3 tablespoons of the remaining oil and heat until very hot. Now add the potato/onion/egg mixture in one go and spread it out quickly, flattening the top and pressing down.  Lower the heat and continue to cook very slowly for at least 10-15 minutes. Lifting gently with a knife check whether the bottom has browned, and when it has place the pan briefly underneath a hot grill to set the surface of the omelette (4 minutes or so).

Now invert a large plate on the pan and flip over. Add another tablespoon of the leftover oil to the frying pan, then slide the omelette back onto the pan top-side-down to cook the other side. Gently cook until the other side too has browned and turn the omelette out onto a serving platter.  Serve cut in wedges at room temperature with a side salad.