Team Building

It is by now well-known that Team Building helps to develop hugely beneficial collective values within a company. And nothing is better adapted to stimulate the cohesion of a team than an activity around a cooking class… 
A culinary workshop is the ideal support to develop group spirit in a lighthearted, cheery and… delectable ambiance.  Developing a common project in good humour, while still allowing everyone to express themselves creatively and individually can only be positive, and it is easy to see how a cooking class can achieve this aim.
Projects (in this case recipes) will be carried out by small groups of 2 or 3, requiring cooperation between team mates and co-workers.  We’ll cook for 2-3 hours, then after sharing a meal in a companionable atmosphere, we will take stock of the experience.  We can accommodate up to 10 people, daytime or evening, in French or in English, at € 120 euros per person.