Forever Summer... how to cheer up your winter months with summer preserves

HOME PRESERVING is a true extension of SEASONAL COOKING.  Most cultures have developed ways of making abundant, perishable summer produce last through the leaner winter months, but in France most of these preserves have become cherished and PRIZED DELICACIES !

Don’t get stuck on jams and chutneys – we will be PICKLING, SALTING, INFUSING IN ALCOHOL, CONFIT-ING with duck fat or sugar, DRYING and FERMENTING on this course!

Think lucious RILLETTES of RABBIT (made with olive oil and lemon) or CONFIT DE CANARD (salted and preserved in cholesterol-free duckfat).  Or other types of CHARCUTERIE such as the divine SALT-DRIED DUCKBREAST and the ubiquitous PETIT-SALÉ (dry-cured pancetta-like belly of pork) that no cook can live without..

Think also of ‘meaty’ dried CEP mushrooms, or GOATSCHEESE preserved in spicy, herb-scented, golden olive oil.  How about delicious  ‘MEMBRILLO’ the quince paste that all Mediterraneans like serving as part of their cheeseboard?  Think also the fresh salty-sweet GRAVLAX that tastes so much better than smoked salmon and is a fantastic and versatile standby in the fridge for unexpected visitors..

Of course depending on seasonal ingredients, we may also include a few traditional preserves such as FRAGRANT PEACH CHUTNEY with hazelnuts, or POMEGRANATE JELLY, crunchy PICKLED VEGETABLES or the hugely useful and delicious RASPBERRY VINEGAR for lighting up your winter (try de-glazing the pan after frying a steak!)  Or how about some festive FRUIT LIQUEURS  (like MORELLO CHERRY or the local Thyme or Chestnut liqueurs or LIMONCELLO). Then, later in the year we’ll make some rose-flavoured sweets and CHOCOLATE-`COATED ORANGES for Christmas..

This course is about how to to make these versatile  ‘basics’ from scratch – and how use them afterwards.. And of course YOU’LL TAKE HOME THE PRODUCE!

This course costs 150€ per person.
We need a minimum of 4 people, and maximum 8.