Paella class – €160

It is easy to believe yourself in Spain when visiting the south of France in summer. At almost all village festivals, Abrivados go hand in hand with Camargue cowboys and cowgirls who, in their traditional colourful attire, run their white horses and black bulls through the streets, encouraged by frequent cries of Olé!  Men and women dressed in beautiful Soleiado shirts and dresses and the irresistible music of the Camargue gypsies gets everyone in the mood to clap and dance along… We all think of ourselves as Spanish then.  Most of all, the wine flows freely, and every restaurant offers Paella menus. Not perhaps the authentic Valencian version (which is made with snails and rabbit) but a more commonly loved interpretation of Paella with chicken and shellfish.

My version of Paella contains a bit of everything to please everyone…  And we don’t stick to the Spanish decree that the dish should never be served after sunset and must always be made by a man!

On this course we also include an authentic, refreshing Gazpacho Andaluz as well as that well-loved Spanish dessert Crema Catalana (or a lighter but equally authentic Spanish Flan).

I can guarantee that it is THE most effortless and joyful way to entertain your guests in summer!


This course costs €160 per person. We need a minimum of 6 people to run a course. Non-participating partners may join us to share the meal afterwards - cost €40 per person.