MOULES PESQUIERES (Fisherman’s Mussels)

The dressing is fresh and summery and utterly delicious. And it goes beautifully with simply cooked fish or shellfish. You can even use it as a dressing for a cold potato salad. 

                 1 kg of mussels
                  for the dressing:
                 1 small sweet onion (or a shallot)
                 2 long green peppers
                 2 sweet ripe tomatoes
                 1-2 tbsp white wine vinegar
                 6-8 tbsp extra quality fruity olive oil

Start by making the salsa: chop the onion into tiny dice, transfer to a small bowl and drizzle with vinegar, until barely covered. This helps to remove the metallic taste that onions so often have.  Meanwhile chop the green pepper and tomato into the same tiny dice and place on top of the onion without disturbing the marinating onions.  After half an hour, stir all the chopped vegetables together while adding a generous amount of top quality olive oil. Set aside until needed.

Clean and beard the mussels and steam in small quantities for 2-4 minutes in very little water. By cooking them in small quantities you can remove them one by one as soon as they open.  This avoids over-cooking and keeps them nice and juicy.  Let them cool a little then remove one half of the shell and place the full shells on a plate. Fill each shell with a teaspoon of dressing.