Little Dishes of Provence


Here in the South people love to entertain INFORMALLY which means invariably an APÉRITIF DINATOIRE – a drinks party with a large choice of small dishes – enough to replace dinner.  Providing some Little Dishes of Provence is a fun, sociable and easy way to entertain for a host(ess). And with today’s intolerances and allergies, so much easier to cater for all tastes.

On this course we will do some 7-8 authentic and super versatile dishes that can either be served together as a buffet, or offered individually as larger courses.

Who doesn’t adore the famous Provençal pizza-like PISSALADIÈRE with its sweet onions and salty olives and anchovies? Or MOULES PESQUIÈRES – just-opened mussels with a deliciously summery ‘fisherman’s’ dressing?
Depending on the season we will include Provençal STUFFED COURGETTE FLOWERS filled with a light goatscheese or a mildly fishy brandade. Or how about flambéing GAMBAS or SEICHES (cuttlefish) that have been marinated in PASTIS?

We’ll be MAKING OUR OWN CHEESE and learn how to create pretty jars of the traditional Provençal goatscheese marinated in olive oil and herbs – not only a great way to brighten up your cheeseboard at home but also to give away as presents.  And of course we’ll teach you what the Provençals do with their abundant summer vegetables (think TOMATES CONFITES, a colourful TIAN or chargrilled and stuffed AUBERGINES).

Other dishes that may feature on our courses are the local FOUGASSE with fillings ranging from olives or leeks to Roquefort cheese and walnuts.  Perhaps a pretty TARTE FINE de TOMATES, or a super-delicious ARTICHOKE, OLIVE and ALMOND TAPENADE…  FIGS  with fasionable salty-sweet fillings?

And I haven’t even started on the desserts – CLAFOUTIS perhaps, or a summery fruit TARTE with Frangipane.. Or maybe a PETITE CREME RENVERSÉE with orangeflower- or Muscat infused SUMMER FRUIT?

If you have any special requests for dishes just let us know.  We shall give you plenty of ideas on how to vary the ingredients and themes, as well as suggestions on how to serve..

This course costs  130€  per person.
We need a minimum of 4 people to run a course – maximum 8 participants.
Non-cooking partners may join us for lunch afterwards for 40€.