INDIAN Class  –  €130

Indian Cuisine – all your favourite dishes, and more!

You will learn basics such as how to make various essential Masalas, homemade Ghee and the very best Naan bread… But we’ll also cover the universally loved starters and side dishes like Onion Bhajis, Vegetable Pakoras, Bombay Aloo etc with its array of chutneys.

For mains think of such popular dishes like potato-spinach Saag Gosht (Lamb with Spinach), Chicken Jalfrezi or a totally authentic Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken). Or you might  learn how to make Lemon Rice or a Biryani, ‘village-style’ curries and the universally loved sour-chickpeas Khatte Chhole…
Last but not least you’ll become an expert at making our spectacular and immensely popular Authentic Punjabi-style Dal Tadka.

At each class we offer a small selection of dishes from northern Punjab and Kashmir (with its mild, fragrant sauces and Biryanis) to the western Royal regions of Rajasthan and Gujurat (with its rich vegetable and meat dishes, often enhanced with nuts and yoghurt), right down to the coastal regions of Goa and Kerala (think seafood and coconut). And of course requests for personal favourites are always welcome.

All dishes are cooked from scratch and all are totally authentic.


This course costs €130 per person all inclusive. We need a minimum of 6 people to run a course and there's room for maximum 8.