Dishes from the Middle East – €130

Dishes from the Middle East

Even if you have never visited the Middle East you have probably eaten some of their legendary food. Dishes that span the Middle East from Iran through Iraq and Turkey, via Lebanon and Syria, all the way to Palestine and Israel, and even Egypt. The kind of the Ottolenghi-type dishes from countries where MEALS ARE ALWAYS SHARED and where each dish merits a central place on the table.  Be prepared for a plethora of deliciousness!

On this course…

… we will turn the freshest seasonal produce and the most common staples into exotic dishes with bold flavours and rich aromas. Flexible ‘anytime dishes’ that can be made ahead, need minimal last minute attention, and are thus ideal for entertaining for lunch or dinner, or as part of a buffet.

The dishes…

… have exotic names like Fattoush (unusual salads with even more unusual dressings) and Fattehs (which incorporate crisply toasted flatbread shards), garlicky Kefte and more-ish spinach-filled Gözleme.  Many dishes are vegetarian and most are flavoured with such spices as aromatic Za’atar or tangy Sumac or again voluptuous Baharat.  We might make a royally approved aubergine dish Imambayildi (which literally means ‘The Imam fainted’ – on account of being so elated with the dish).  Or Lamb Schawarma.  Every dish has a story.  But we will also teach basics such as traditional Arab flatbreads and pitta, or labneh (homemade cheese) as well as delicious versions of universally popular dips like Hummus or Baba Ganoush.

For desserts how about a cardamom flavoured flan with pistachios and rose-scented syrup? Or pastries perfumed with orange-flower water and sprinkled with toasted pine kernels.

One thing is for sure: these dishes have one thing in common – they are all guaranteed to make you dream of alluring Arabian nights! 

This course costs €130 per person. Minimum 4 participants - maximum 8. Non-participating partners may join us for the meal afterwards - cost €40 per person.