Classic French – €130

Retro / Bistro cuisine

The world ‘discovered’ classic French Cuisine in the sixties and seventies with dishes that were served in Bistros all over France. These dishes introduced us to garlic and snails and olives and good French bread. But also to all those classic dishes that we have come to love.  From Patés de Campagne to Artichauts Farcis, from Slow-cooked Lamb and Lapin a la Moutarde to Boeuf Bourguignon and colourful Navarin d’Agneau We are talking indiscriminately and un-apologetically RETRO – the kind of daily-changing Menus du Jour that were served up by countless Bistrots and roadside restaurants all over France.

Today, there is a return to these classic, unforgettable Classic French dishes and we love this course entirely devoted to nostalgie.

The Dishes…

Shall we make a traditional FRENCH ONION SOUP?  Or a WARM SALAD with CHICKEN LIVERS that are de-glazed with raspberry vinegar?  Or how about a pretty slice of JAMBON PERSILLÉ served with a simple salad and a crispy baguette – perfect for a picnic or outdoor lunch.  VOLS AU VENT oozing fragrant MUSHROOM RAGOÛT make for an elegant starter.  And let’s not forget my perfect COUNTRY TERRINE with PRUNES, HAZELNUTS and GREEN PEPPERCORNS.

That’s just for starters. For mains perhaps a fragrant POT AU FEU or an elegant CANARD MONTMORENCY (perfectly cooked duck breast with cherries) accompanied by oh-so-delicious POMMES FONDANTES (fondant potatoes). Or we could do a classic AILE DE RAY (ray-wing) with its BEURRE NOISETTE,  COQ au VIN or a POULET BASQUAISE.. And if it’s not too warm we may even contemplate a CASSOULET.

And to finish? Perhaps a classic TARTE TATIN or fail-proof FONDANTS au CHOCOLAT (little molten chocolate cakes). A traditional Crème Brûlée or Profiteroles anyone?

We seriously encourage nostalgia and so if you have special requests, just ask!

This course costs 130€ per person. We need a minimum of 4 people to run a course - maximum 8 participants. Non-participating partners may join us for the meal afterwards - cost €40 per person.