what if… (a poem)

what if… (a poem)

… and what if for once i did not
do what is expected of me what if
i suddenly rolled over waving
arms and legs wildly
in the air instead
of all that slow-motion stuff that
tedious stretching
pausing and
waiting and seeing and
sitting on the fence
that we have learned to
do since birth?
and what if I halted
tradition and did not change
colour the way they
want me to always
that blending
in with surroundings
not to be noticed
suppose i
suddenly turned a flaming
red among my cool green
leafy branch
would they be surprised
would they be shocked
i fancy being pink with big white polka dots
just for a while till I grew
tired of it
or purple with bright splashes
of sunny yellow
and whilst we are at it
i would not mind having a go
at flying
why should some by right
view worlds from great heights whilst
others be forced to cling
forever doomed
to dither and waver
and teeter
in the dark shadows of some
miserable tree?


Posted on

8th March 2017

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